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Se il bambino/a non riceve stimolazione sonora, non parla o emette vari suoni onomatopeici durante i primi due anni di vita ( 0 - 2 anni ), le sue corde vocali si atrofizzano. Il danno è permanente. Non c'è altro modo di recupero.  


. Eliminate all bureaucratic papers

- Eliminate so much mobility from building to building.

How? Create Three Main Meetings during kid's first two years (Age 0-2):

Alpha Meeting

Beta Meeting

Omega Meeting


Kid's Age: Three Weeks Old.

Plan: Family must show up to The Alpha Meeting.  All representatives are gathered in the office. Activate all the documents the same day at once. End of the meeting: parents will leave the room with all the necessary documents and tech devices useful for the deaf kid. 

Kid's Age: One Year Old. 

Plan: We will have the Beta Meeting.  All representatives are gathered in the office to update some documents and tech devices. It is also in their responsibility to listen parents' feedback about their one year experience and see how they can improve their service. 

Kid's Age: Two Years Old.

Plan: Show up to the Omega Meeting.  Less representatives are gathered in the office for third check. Their main responsibility is also to listen parents' feedback and see how they can improve their service and assure that the flow of their services keeps running smoothly. 

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Language deprivation is to be avoided.  

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