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Insolera Project


Bisogna modificare un po' il DNA delle procedure burocratiche


Issue: Italian politics has been practicing for many centuries the FFR (Formule of the Frozen Result) or FRC (Formula del Risultato Congelato). They try to make it complex ('double' agenda?) when they should not.

. Tasse + mini tasse + etc

. Rimborso + etc

Solution: Absolutely a must to eliminate it. Change the DNA. Adopt the formula of: SiCTAE (Simple, Clear, Transparent, Accessibile and Efficacious)

Significato: FFR is when you use a formula where you change all the numbers, all the subtractions, addictions, multiplications, dividends but the result is the same. Example: 

4x2 = 8

2+2+2+2 = 8

5+5-2= 8

Cases: TAX, Bike Rent, etc


Issue:  I passaggi burocratici sono molto 'plomos' and unneccessary. Reason? In old times there might have some  'double' agendas,

Solution: Eliminate anything that's plomo and foxy. In this our generation these double agenda must be eliminated. 

Meaning: "Plomo" is a slang used by Argentine people as to refer to people or things that are that 'pesanti come il piombo'. Kind of pretty stupid or repetitive. 

So many unnecessary passages when we can obtain the same result quickly. 

(18x3) x 2 - (11-2) % 11 + (5x5) - 137 = 8

4x2 = 8

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